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If you visit this site fort the first time, you will learn that word syringomyelia corresponds to a set of affections that can be very different from each other, especially as far as their evolution is concerned. Some syringomyelia will cause only difficulty throughout life. Others might generate a handicap. Syringomyelia is a secondary entity with multiple aetiologies. The word syringomyelia is usually used to describe a liquid collection inside the spinal-cord filled with a liquid quite identical to cerebrospinal fluid; if this liquid cavity is too small, we don’t speak about syringomyelia, and if that is so, the content of this site is really of no concern to you.

One of the Anglo-Saxon authors, Professor Bernard Williams, who brought advance to the treatment of these diseases, suggested that the term syringomyelia be used only if the intramedullary collection is extended on, at least, two vertebral levels.

If you think you are suffering from syringomyelia and you visit this information site fort the first time, remember to take a stand and read this website with a global point of view in order for you to become familiar with the words and concepts, some of which will perhaps have no direct link with you. It is only after some discussions with our GP and specialists that you will be able to be more precise concerning your medical situation.