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Patients Informations

The syringomyelia of the child

The different types syringomyelias of the child are rare pathologies which can occur in two quite different contexts. Those connected with an abnomaly of the flow circulation of cerebrospinal liquid at the level of cranio cervical junction and the others.
Contrary to the adult where the malformation of Chiari suns up the majority of abnomalies of junctions, the children also have many bone malformations which can be linked to syringomyelia (achondroplasy, muccopolysaccharidosis, trisomy (...)

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French association of patients APAISER

When the diagnosis is made, sometimes after many years of medical wandering, the patient is dismayed … but relieved. He can finally put a name on his symptoms and his sufferings.
Through its action, its support: The French ministry of health, the “Assistance Public Hôpitaux de Paris”, The association to help and inform the European people suffering of syringomyelia “APAISER”
contributed to the creation, of the Centre of Reference of syringomyelia at the Kremlin Bicetre (...)

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